Elena Yukhnevich

Artist with difficult life driven by winds of change. Born in Siberia, she moved to the southern Crimea, then to Kiev, and finally found herself in Moscow. There were several reasons for her moving so often: her father being a military man, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the war in Donbass. All these made her open the door of her new home again and again believing that this time it is forever. But each time it was different.

This was reflected in Elena's paintings. The author's works are distinguished by the apparent sense of confusion, the illusory nature of the reality. Elena avoids sharp boundaries, subconsciously ignoring the perfection of forms and architecture, and at the same time saturating her paintings with bright colors and maternal love.

Maternal love is a peculiar keynote of the artist's works. Personal experience of saving her sons from death at war is traced in her paintings. We can feel her beaten heart. And her blue eyes, like the ocean and the reflection.

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