Irina Surguchova

Over Eternal Peace by Levitan (1894) is a favorite painting of Irina.

In many ways, the mood of this masterpiece gives us insight into her own huge artistic heritage created over the decades.

Calmness, contemplation, humility before the truth, being one on one with the world.

The keen understanding of the mastery of Krymov, Nissky, Levitan, Kustodiev is traced in the paintings of the author. A spectator can feel the inner tranquility of the created images and the slow rhythm of captured moments. 

Irina's works are distinguished by the beauty of solitude, concentration on the foreground and accentuated beauty of the anatomically imperfect shapes.

The musical rhythm of the artist's paintings may be defined as adagio - slow and calm. If the artist's works were a piece of music, they could well be Part Eight of Stravinsky's Apollon Musagete ballet.

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