Anastasia Sitnikova

Anastasia is an artist who constantly questions the chosen path and the results of her work. Like any artist, she takes three steps back from the easel to see the entire painting from the eyes of a spectator, to evaluate it from a detached perspective. The artist's choice is like a stream running through the fields, around stones and trees, descending from the hills through the meadows, but confidently and persistently striving for great waters: rivers, lakes, seas. She is just the kind of artists constituting the modern heritage of the Russian school of the 21st century. Day by day, drop by drop, they pour fresh streams into the vast ocean of contemporary art.

Fundamental art education has formed a clear system of standards, based on which the artist creates her works of the classical school of art.

Among the artist's distinctive features there are diligence and efficiency. It can be traced in many of her works. Laborious, paintings with complex composition require that the artist be patient, skilled and persistent.

The artist's modesty translates into the images created. Her works are distinguished by a harmonious composition, an even balance of color, and an incredible sense of volume and light. Each element is congruent with the general artistic conception and naturally merges into the landscape of the painting.

Consistency and consonance reflect the magnificent inner world of the gifted and talented master.