The shapes of objects force the art to convey the message straightforwardly, not allowing the viewer to feel the depth of the ideas. The work of Seraphim Vasiliev reflects the inner mood, feelings, emotions experienced by the artist from his invisible connection with the sea. What we need to do is just to shut down the rational mind, and try to grasp all the details with our heart and special vision. And it is then that the meaning becomes clear.

As for this masterpiece, looking more closely, one can imagine anything related to the sea world. A large wavelike blue-green object in the lower right corner may resemble any marine animal by its shape. Keeping this association in mind, it is logical to assume that the rest of the painting illustrates the atmosphere of undersea. Also a naked eye can see the energy of movement and splashes of water - strokes, big and small sea-green spots directed diagonally upwards.
The combination of colors is of particular importance. Blue color relaxes the viewer, light blue shading into green evokes nostalgia for the sea coast, while the strokes of mauve-pink shades are dynamic, as if they lead into the feast of life. The change of colors reflects the changeability of mood. Three rectangular lines look solid, but their weightlessness and readiness to move denote the fragility of a changing reality. These strokes seem to glide smoothly on a white background, without mixing with it. In places, they look like animated creatures enjoying the water and spectacular colorful environment. 

The artist's mastery is expressed in the projection of impressions and feelings experienced from interaction with the reality. At some point, the viewer realizes that the pure perception of color and shape suddenly takes on meaning. First, the viewer was looking at the vague shades and could not understand what it was. Then all of a sudden everything falls into place, and an image appears, but it is different for everyone. And what if there is no point looking for in the artist's theme? Maybe it is just better to admire a highly artistic reflection of the reality transferred on canvas by the artist.

Sea abstraction

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