The Virgin Mary Worship by Jacob S.


The Virgin Mary is depicted spread raised arms with infant Jesus, who was placed in the sphere on the breast of the mother. Jesus and Mother of God represented as single entity surrounded by the prophets and God.


The breast-length composition included Mary in dark-blue shawls embroidered in an arabesque pattern. Crimson plat on her head hung with heavy stones emphasizes her gentleness and humility, which are reflected in her eyesight. Her apple-cheeked and moon-faced attracts making Mother of God more human and closer to the heart. The author's decision to hide Jesus' hands stimulated great interest. The color of his clothes echoes the colors of the Virgin Mary's, drawing an extra parallel between them. They are surrounded by a sky-blue space that personifies purity and lightness, specifying to their ecclesiastical non-physical beings.


Special attention also needs to be focused on the interesting frame in the form of intertwining flowers and holy prophets. Flowers personify the Mother of God, her integrity. Some faces of the prophets are turned to Mary and some to Jesus. They are dressed in different clothes that speak about hierarchy and their status during life float. Only one common thread that binds all the saints – they hold the Holy Scriptures in their hands. The adage is written on the scrolls. We can see emperors and hermits among the prophets and all of them are closely connected with the Virgin Mary during her life. All of the figures reaching upward to God. The Holy Spirit comes from him in the form of a cloud. Only God's clothes ignoring the laws of physics soars above him.


All gilding that we see on this artwork is a field with gold leaves, emphasizing the value and uniqueness each of those, who present on the canvas. Rich decorations increased due to the multi-colored stones, extraordinary patterns and giving to artwork great artistic beauty and rare magnificence. This icon is difficult to understand, but its attraction to come back again and again for deepness that hidden in it.

Art Work 9

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    27/31/4 cm, tempera painting on linden wood, decorated with gold leaf

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