Arma Christi by Jacob S.


The composition inseparably connects Western-style images and the traditional Russian perception of painting. It is based precisely on the engraving “Crucifixion with Wonders.” The canvas attracted by oversaturated actions. You can pay attention to the extraordinary expression of unknown details by properly looking at the drawings.


The foreground accurately illustrated by Jesus' Crucifixion of the masterpiece. He instantly appears with a bowed head into a loincloth. Eight angels post up above him in the visible rays of the sun and the moon. They are sketched from flower buds that grow from a lateral-board of a cross. Angels carefully keep various instruments that Jesus tortured, which called "Arma Christi". An imperial crown was designed in the traditional Russian style and stands on the top of the cross. The cross's highest point bring up by cumulonimbus clouds that establishing a sphere likewise the atmosphere surrounding the Earth. The budding branches lay down in various directions from the cross. They end with large flowers in reddish-pink color. The buds are painted with the hands that held the goblet, a sword, and a chain. It personifies the specific meaning of historical events that complement the images with a time-lapse. On the right side, you can examine the skeleton that saddled the lion as a symbol of death that Jesus defeated. On another side a hand collecting blood from a wound on the prime rib. The saints Sergius Radonezh and Seraphim Sarov stay around of crucifixion. The skull lies at the foothill of the cross with the bones of Adam, the ancestor of humankind. Jesus' blood flows on the skull and washes away all people's sins.


The author added lightness as a contrast to multiple events occurring by using gold color and warm tints. The gold color dominants on the picture and symbolizes Divinity. Two-dimension images of supernatural beings and saints naturally accompany with three-dimensional objects of the surrounding nature, properly dividing the spiritual world and reality so perfectly. Such a complex and a skillfully executed masterpiece can be an excellent exhibit of collections in the museum.

Art Work 8

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    27/31/4 cm, tempera painting on linden wood, decorated with gold leaf

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