Crown Fragile Mary

Virgin Mary appears into a half-length portrait with the infant Jesus in her hands. This iconography type called "Mother of God Vladimirskaya". The individualism of this artwork includes in sue character of representation Mary in the full bloom of power position and pretty sensual girlish features. However, by following historical words, Mary gave birth to Jesus in advanced age.


She touches the son's face lightly by a cheek. Mother of God emits appeasement like the ocean by fluid waves. This light comes through the soul settle into yourself transform in goodness and hope.


The cordial colors and extensively decorated clothes support a sense of goodness and hope. The blue tunic covers the head and the body of Mary highlighting her purity and virginity. A crimson shawl that wearied like outer clothing with gold frayed embroidery peonies. The edge of shawl stitch with white bizarre laces. Her crown magnet all attention by unusual cladding manner: its edge extends beyond the background, capturing part of the framework of the canvas. Crown is not a traditional tribute of Orthodox Christianity, but a deep sigil of Virgin Mary's motherhood and complete devotion to God. Mary became the Mother of God and the Tsarina of Heaven.  Jesus in this composition represents a defenseless child. It corroborates by Jesus's size and how he puts his arms around Mary's neck. On this icon, the Mother of God, become the center of God's power and the manifestation of wonderworking.


Every detail on this picture create to impress the technic of the drawings, explicit lines, a granularity of all objects, faces, patterns, etc.. All pecuniary only fulfill and illustrate the Spiritual modus of the God's power, forge a visible aura of untouchable portrayal. Tempera paints and gold leaf, which entirely cover the artwork, support the brittle traditional canonical iconography technique.


Crown fragile Mary by Jacob Stephanov was made by natural mineral distemper. During many decades the work will retain pristine fecundity. Gold leaf is used in covering the background, haloes, and fragments of clothing; also need to convey "Divine Light", which symbolizes holiness and purity, which is impossible to depict with simple color pigments. The icon is a masterpiece from the aesthetic and artistic side. Complex multi-layered ideas of spatial context wholly change the understanding of intellectual art.   


Art Work 7

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    27/31/4 cm, tempera painting on linden wood, decorated with gold leaf

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