Humanity has reached a level of advancement in the military industry, which increases the number of global problems and poses a security threat to the countries worldwide. Nowadays, the most urgent question is how to find workable solutions for preventing military disasters and conflicts. Paintings on military theme take on a completely different dimension. Elena Yukhnevich tries to draw our attention to the ambiguous problem of disarmament, because it is connected with the probable death of our civilization.
The painting shows a young and handsome warrior, athletically built, with regular facial features. Severe look of his blue eyes directed straight at the viewer penetrates the soul. The brows are frowned, the lips are pursed. His belonging to the military class can be determined by the shiny chain mail, the sword in his right hand and the round gold shield in his left hand. A scarlet cloak flaming against a dark background is clipped on one shoulder by a precious brooch. Shining wings are spread powerfully and widely behind his back.
This painting is full of symbolism. The red color of the cloak symbolizes the victory over death. Mantle fluttering and folding in the wind shows that the man lacks peace of mind. He is concerned about the problems of mankind. The wings indicate that the soldier is ready to serve people and protect them with his shield. The right side of the picture (viewer’s left) refers to the present time, and the left one refers to the future. Yukhnevich applied these techniques in order to show the image of the warrior as the quintessence of wisdom and dedication, able to protect people in the future.
The artist is concerned about the problem of military buildup in many countries, which is seen as means of solving complex problems, but in fact posing a serious threat to peace and human existence. There are already enough weapons to destroy all life on the planet several times.
In her masterpiece, Elena Yukhnevich achieved the effect of reverse perspective: now it is not the spectator who dominates, but the man looking at us from the picture. He calls for thinking about the consequences of the arms race, embracing the voice of reason, and understanding the fact, that salvation is in our own hands. Beauty will save the world.

Humanity's defender

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    21/25/4 cm, oil painting on linden wood, decorated with gold leaf

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