Men are not born, they are made. The father can become a great example for his son if he treats him patiently and respectfully, without being excessively rude and violent. The image of the father is not as common in fine arts as the image of the mother. That makes it more difficult to convey through the painting what a father must do for his sons: to support them (not only by preaching morality), believe in them and develop their self-esteem and self-sufficiency. 
In the middle of the picture, we can see a male figure, the image of a father surrounded by four sons. The man in a scarlet shirt and blue chiton is sitting, his children getting cozy on the grass. Father graciously put his hands on the heads of two children, looking at them with his eyes sparkling cheerfully and radiating love. Children are respectfully sitting on their knees and listening to their Teacher with the clear interest and respect. They are wearing basic white shirts tied with a belt. A boy on his knees asks his father one of the thousands questions that come to the mind of children of his age. The picture radiates the sense of both reliability and tenderness, the embodiment of family comfort and admiration for the institution of father.
The artist's father served as the prototype for this painting. Pavlukhina was born in a large family, where both parents took an equal part in upbringing their children. Her father always saw the potential and abilities of each of his children, helped them to reveal their talents. Her brothers were taught to be independent and to have their own opinion, so that they could face the consequences. Pavlukhina, admiring her father, is worried about the weakening role of the father in the modern family. Parents are often busy seeking wealth, which does not allow them to frequently and fully communicate with children who tend to distrust them. 
In her picture, Pavlukhina expressed an idea that a clever father can pass on useful knowledge and wisdom to his child, which is undoubtedly more expensive than any money. Knowledge is something that the son will not be able to waste, it is something that will forever remain with his beloved child and will help him throughout life. And children, in turn, must honor and respect their father. The painting brilliantly reflects the truth that love is a mutual feeling. Father teaches something to his children, while children teach something to their father. They nurture each other.

Nurturing sons

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    27/31/4 cm, oil painting on linden wood

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