Stations of the Christ by Jacob S.


Jesus Christ is the center of this picture. Both sides he surrounded by John Predtecha and Virgin Mary. It is a canonical pose of Jesus in Russian iconography. He holds vine with tree grapes branches in a left hand that symbolized peace and trinity. With his right hand, he blessed all people, who stand before him. On this canvas, Jesus depicted in final hypostasis as the son of God, who passed through all the sufferings and ascended into the kingdom of heaven. His clothes shine, gleaming by cinnabar shades. Vertical clav is embroidered in arabesque ornament and tunic collar adorned by gold and gems. The cloak winkled by golden tint making it difficult to see its true color.


John Predtecha and Virgin Mary are looking different from Christ. Dimed colors show their earthiness and humanity. John is ascetic in all his visual triggers. He is thin, barefoot; his clothes visibly battered, like his hair and beard. Everything in his appearance screamed about his life in the desert. Predtecha holds the story of his perception and understanding of what is happening – Gospel. The contrast of the external differences between the Virgin, the Prophet, and Jesus once again draws a parallel between the physical and spiritual worlds.


To reveal the personality of Christ, the author surrounds him with the most important events from his earthly life: Resurrection, Holly Transfiguration, Ascension, and Birth of Christ, Holy Trinity. In this battered scene, the author focuses attention on the figure of Jesus, how the world around him changes its perception. Every plot twist demonstrated that the amount of Jesus' followers is growing up more and more.  There are angels, personifying the miraculousness and divinity of happening.  The symbolism of this work permeates every millimeter of the icon, making it a breathtaking work of art. The color scheme of the work allows you to focus your attention on a large simultaneously layer of the life biography of Christ. The starting point of the whole storyline is Divinity. It is manifest through the golden palette surrounding all around, through the flat image of the figures, and the absence of shadows on canvas. Similar landscapes remind that everything happens on the so physical and native Earth. This masterpiece shows that God is a mystery for humankind.

Art Work 5

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    40/50/4 cm, tempera painting on linden wood, decorated with gold leaf

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