Our world is full of hidden sacred meanings tied to mathematics, geometry, physics and chemistry. Any piece of art containing such elements makes the heart beat a little faster, takes one's breath away since it may be a key to finding the Holy Grail. 
The first thing that catches the eye is an artistic composition. It resembles the structure of an eye: lens, iris and sclera. The central part of the painting represents a sphere with four rays radiating diagonally. In the middle of the sphere there is Jesus Emmanuel with his hands spread on either side in a blessing gesture. Over the head of Jesus we can see a cruciform halo. Golden rays fill the rest of the space symbolizing the power coming from Him. The composition is based on four circles arranged one behind the other. Since the old days number 4 is associated with integrity, order and perfectly stable structure: four cardinal directions, four seasons, four seas, four sacred mountains, four quarters of the Moon. In alchemy, the four elements correspond to the four states of matter - earth (solid), water (liquid), air (gas), and fire (fiery, e.g. heat or light). Likewise, the four circles depicted on the painting tell us about different states and life cycles. 
The second circle shows parts of a face reminding that heavenly and terrestrial beings are created in the same way. Blessed Virgin Mary depicted in the upper part of the second circle brings the two worlds together. It is She who brought the spiritual child into the physical world. The scarlet color of the circle symbolizes human body, flesh and blood, while the four eyes looking into the very essence of things symbolize the spiritual world. The outnumbering eyes may as well be interpreted as an instruction to perceive and look at this world more than to speak. In the four rays radiating diagonally we see a Tetramorph, a creature with four forms or faces: Man, Eagle, Bull and Lion. According to legend, this creature guards the four borders of the Heavenly City. In Christianity, the three animals and the angel refer to the Four Evangelists, Matthew the Man, John the Eagle, Luke the Bull, and Mark the Lion. These symbols reveal the various aspects of Christ's life told by them. Therefore, lion symbolizes the power and authority of Jesus Christ, bull - the priestly ministry of Jesus; man - His flesh appearing; eagle - the descending power of the Holy Spirit.
Third circle represents night sky where Golden Seraphims fly illuminating the darkness. At the head of the Seraphims and the whole composition there is God the Father blessing all mankind. It hovers in the light of two superimposed equilateral triangles, i.e. Star of David, symbolizing Eternity. 
Phrases from Bible written in the Old Russian language encase each circle. Mylnikova's painting with its symbolic and allegorical composition lifts the veil on the mysteries of the Holy Scriptures, allowing us to feel the subtle world of hints, undertones and understatement. This masterpiece is worth to be among the best without a shadow of a doubt. Worth to be the best…

Eye of Providence

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    27/31/4 cm, oil painting on linden wood

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