Jesus Christ The Prototype of all by Jacob S.


The artwork compositional center is Jesus Christ. He is surrounded by a blue space, symbolizing a relationship between Jesus and the Spiritual World.

On the canvas he appears before us in the red tunic, embroidered with gold frill and stones which layout like a cross. The cloak has a blue tint with a golden sheen. Byzantines believed that the red and blue colors symbolize the physical human body and the sublime spiritual state. The author represents Jesus in a mantle that was a symbol of Byzantine emperors, decorated with an empire in the form of a vine. His right hand raised in the blessed gesture, while in the left hand he holding the revealed Gospel. Jesus faced a reflected period while he was preaching. Strait brown hairs shoulder-length, a small mustache and a short beard frame his face, which was covered by grinned of wrinkles, highlighting the large dark eyes that looking through the essence of things.


The three letters on the halo O, W, H reference to the name and his role in the history of the Christian religious world. The cross in the nimbus symbolizes suffering, guilt and eternity. It is covered with gold leaves.


An interesting decision was the choice of the ornament on the frame – floral pattern with a simple flower bud turned in different directions. The hearts of the flowers are painted with a similar range as Jesus's clothes, as once again emphasizing his presence in the physical and spiritual world.


Jacob Stephanov made this picture in tempera paints. These mineral materials will preserve the original appearance of the icon for many centuries. Gold leaf is used in covering the frame, nimbus, and fragments of clothing to convey Spirituality, which symbolizes holiness and purity, which cannot be conveyed by simple color pigments. An interesting interpretation of Christ made a picture in the range of high-value masterpiece. Mr. Stephanov visual references to the Byzantine Emperors, the imprints of his character and inner state, undoubtedly endow this picture with incredible potential to become a masterpiece of Russian iconography.


Art Work 3

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    27/31/4 cm, tempera painting on linden wood, decorated with gold leaf

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    Jacob Stepanov