The eight-pointed star can be found in many cultures. Differently depicted in paintings, it is associated with the balance of the material and the spiritual, signifies harmony and order. While the wildlife is ordered by nature, the human world is far from perfect. The artist Pavlukhina expressed her ideal vision of a harmonious world on the canvas.


In the middle of the picture, we see an octogram formed by the superimposition of a red and blue quadrilateral, with various images inscribed in. The central circle shows the family as the basis of society: a woman holding a child and a picture of a man. Around the circle, there are angels, messengers of nature presenting gifts to humanity, bringing everything necessary for an idyllic existence: water, fire, earth and air. In this flawless reality, there is not only interaction with the elements, but also a complete harmony with the animal world. Alongside human images, there are also Lion, Eagle and Bull depicted in the picture. Outside the octagon, we can see the earthly life of people shown against the golden background. Those who find love, compassion and acceptance of others in their hearts will be able to climb the ladder to a perfect, harmonious world where a state of holistic perception of life prevails. 


Pavlukhina meditates on the eternal question: what is harmony of life and how to find it? In her painting, she showed the proportionality of the parts, the fusion of the various components of the object into a single organic whole. But is this really achievable? We are often forced to believe that life must be filled with significant events, or be an important mission, a great external success. But this is not always the case. The harmony of life can be found in the simplest situations. Some people are able to be in a state of harmony, in tune with themselves and with the world, regardless of what is happening around them. 

The artist believes that human beings can live in a balanced world, if everyone starts with themselves, gets to know their inner tuning fork of harmony, and once they hear its sound, they will not forget it. And then you will be able to tune in to this inner feeling again at any moment and be in a state of harmony here and now.

Harmonious world

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    27/31/4 cm, oil painting on linden wood

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