There are eternal themes that will be praised by artists forever. Mother and child, the image of the Mother with a capital M, the unity of mother and child. Artists from different nationalities and times glorify motherhood, each using their own means of artistic expression. This theme will excite artists forever, because the love for the mother cannot be expressed in one and only picture. Stepanov decided to devote his painting to this theme, depicting images that embodied the power of maternal love, which is the most unselfish of all.
The composition of the painting is unusual. Its elements are arranged in such a way as to express the idea the most completely and profoundly. We can see nine small images united by one idea. Most of them illustrate mother and child. Children are depicted at different ages and in different postures. The expression of children's faces is not clear, neither are the mothers' eyes, and some of them are even closed. However, we can note mothers' heads equally tilted to the child, showing their devotion and boundless love, in comparison to which all kinds of love, all passions are either weak, or self-serving.
In order to draw viewer's attention and excite them, the artist tried to show all the objects the most expressively. Children are depicted differently to show their growing up, changes in their world cognition and world-view. Only maternal love is constant, it is unchangeable and does not depend on the age of her child.
The two mini-paintings on the left and right of the center depict mothers without children. In the left picture, the woman is surrounded by daggers, and in the right one, she folded her arms across her chest in a humble manner. This symbolizes mother's self-sacrifice, her willingness to always come to her child's aid and even give life for him. Everything superfluous is discarded here, only what is necessary is left, the secondary is subordinated to the main.  
In his painting, Stepanov expressed his attitude to his mother, whom he has always adored and loved. The entire painting makes us feel delightful and admire its hidden meaning, as well as the skillful expression of the author's adoring his mother.

Maternal love

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    27/31/4 cm, oil painting on linden wood

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