Children are the flowers of life. And every mother wants these flowers to be unfading, blooming and fragrant forever. She wants her child to remain righteous and devotional even in the most difficult times, make right decisions and never lose the chosen way. 

In Pavlukhina's painting, we can see the image of a mother and child dressed in festive attire: red velvet embroidered with gold and gilded brocade. There are crowns shining on their heads. The young man holds a scepter and orb in his hands, and the woman holds a scepter wreathed with light-colored and dark-red flowers. The figures are surrounded by a palace, where we can see luxury items and vases with beautiful flowers. The image of the mother attracts with its unearthly purity and tenderness at first sight. The flowers symbolize the woman's staunch morality, the innocence and impeccability of the child. Her eyes, full of love and care for her child, reveal her eager to keep her child innocent and virtuous for as long as possible. She tries to protect him from the temptations that are so common in the modern world. At the sight of the rich decoration of the hall, it seems that the characters of the painting are quite wealthy. But is it really a life of ease? After all, in this case, you have to fight twice as harder with the lusts of the soul and flesh. 

Pavlukhina was inspired to paint this picture by her own reflections on the problem of raising children and resisting temptations. Children are the mirror of adults. And if the latter find something unacceptable in their lives, children will learn it at mother's knees. It is very important to give children such a backbone, so that they could defend their point of view, have their opinion on everything, rather than be led by the crowd just because it is easier. It is necessary to teach them moral principles and give them foundations, as if a scepter and orb in hands, by telling them fairy tales, stories and sharing own experience from a young age.   


The picture emanates the hope of the victory of light and that the human soul can be as pure as fragrant flowers. Artistic images are painted so skillfully that the viewer finds inner peace, tranquility and grace, feels the invisible support and sympathy of the mother. 

Unfading flowers

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    27/31/4 cm, oil painting on linden wood

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