There is something touching, subtly vulnerable and attractive in the images of the mother depicting by artists. To make the viewer feel it, an artist must embrace maternal feelings and show them in the eyes, the tilt of the head, the subtle movements of the body. Millions of women in the world are striving to become a mother, realizing that this is their destiny. Some of them stop at nothing chasing their dreams. Pavlukhina mediated on the moral and ethical aspects of in vitro fertilization and expressed her emotions on the canvas.
In the middle of the picture, there is a female figure dressed in an orange-red chiton with yellow edging. Her head is tilted to the right, dark curly hair falling calmly over her shoulders. She lowered her eyes revealing her being sad and knowing something secret. She is shining with femininity and tenderness. The way she holds an egg look-alike, inside which there is a naked figure of a boy, says about her great desire to have a child, about her willingness to go to great lengths to achieve the goal. She is ready to give him all her love and lavish attentions on him. The woman is glowing with gold in the same way as the cocoon is glowing from within. 
What prompted the artist to create this work are Pavlukhina's concerns regarding motherhood and assisted reproductive technologies. There are about six million children in the world born by in vitro fertilization. This indicates the popularity of the method. At the same time, disputes concerning the moral aspect of the question do not cease. How far does this go against human nature, towards a woman's selfish desire to enjoy motherhood? How far has medicine gone in rights to decide which embryos should live and which should be frozen?
According to the painting, the artist sympathizes with the woman who decided on in vitro fertilization. She portrayed the woman in the rays of female energy, created a bright image of expecting mother, unwilling to remain childless. Pavlukhina looks with favor on each new motherhood, each newborn. After all, a new life is the happiest and most valuable thing in the world. So, in vitro fertilization has the right to be as it is a real miracle inspiring joy and hope.

The mystery of birth

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    27/31/4 cm, oil painting on linden wood

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