For an artist, ocean is a place of relaxation and invention, where they seem to photograph the most vivid and magical moments to later put them on canvas. Huge reserves of mineral, energy, plant and animal resources are concentrated in the Global Ocean, so it is playing an increasingly important role in the life of mankind. The artist Pavlukhina decided not to paint a real ocean, but tried to draw our attention to the problem of water conservation with the help of artistic images.

The central character of the picture is a man in a red dress and an olive cloak. The right hand is frozen in a gesture as if inviting us to listen breathlessly and carefully. In his left hand, the man holds a book in a precious casing. The figure is depicted against a dark green background, the color of a sea wave symbolizing boundless ocean waves. There is a special emphasis on the male face. His brows are frowned, the lips are pursed, the moustache ends are pointing downwards - all these makes his face look severe. Looking directly at the viewer, his expressive big eyes reveal his disapproval, appeal to the voice of reason, promise of help if people behave properly.

Pavlukhina was inspired to create this picture during a cruise on an ocean liner. Admiring green water surface, she noticed some spots of oil and plastic garbage. She became concerned about the ocean issues: ocean abuse and pollution, reduced biological productivity and the use of the Global Ocean as a battleground. It is getting more difficult for the ocean to purify itself, especially where the human activity is very intense. Ocean contaminants will disrupt the balance of the ocean's ecosystem and, as a result, cause its death. 

In the painting, the ocean is personified by the man, wrapped in an emerald green cloak depicted against the dark water surface. He appeals to humanity to realize that the problems listed above threaten the future of the whole civilization. The entire international community must take coordinated measures to solve these problems as soon as possible and to prevent the worldwide disaster.

Plea of the ocean

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    27/31/4 cm, oil painting on linden wood

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