People need food for their very existence. That is why it has always played an important role in social and cultural life, and therefore has been reflected in fine art. Sad to say, we do not think about how much food is being thrown away nowadays. In fact, about a third of all food produced is turned into waste. In its turn, food waste pollutes the atmosphere. The harm is not less significant than that from plastic. Elena Yukhnevich painted this picture, stating her position against overconsumption and for a reasonable approach to food.
In the foreground we can see a man in a crimson dress and a blue cloak standing at a table. He thoughtfully looks upwards and slightly away, his face being peaceful. On the table, there is a folded white towel, an ornate goblet, and an empty plate. In his left hand the man holds a piece of bread, while the right hand is frozen in an attention-getting gesture. The background is full of golden glow, which indicates the objects' belonging to the world of eternal values, and elevates the man above the bustle of the world. The picture shows only the most necessary products for a human being, nothing more. The man points to the need for being content with little in life.
Elena Yukhnevich painted this picture during her holiday in a 5-star European hotel, where she accidentally witnessed how the kitchen workers were throwing out the products which had not been eaten during the day, or lost their appearance or were close to their expiration dates. This left-over food could have been given to charity, distributed to low-income or socially unprotected segments of the population.
In her painting, the artist expressed her attitude to the problem of food waste. We are capable of reducing waste by taking measures to prevent, lower, recycle and reuse it. She believes that it is necessary to provide people worldwide with information about sensible food consumption, as well as sustainable development and lifestyle in harmony with nature.
The artist decided to share with us the pathetic episode she has experienced and to express her understanding of reality by means of a brush and paints. The Creator's world-view is reflected in the expressive image that seems to say: "It is better to have only bread and water, but to live in peace, rather than to have abundance of food and live in grief and sorrow."

Sensible approach to food

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    27/31/4 cm, oil painting on linden wood

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