Mother's fears 
There are great themes that will be praised by artists forever.
One of them is the theme of motherhood, which has already excited and inspired many artists to create their masterpieces. The image of the mother is as close to us as the great power of art.
Each artist brings his own vision to this image. Having a wood painting panel at her disposal, the artist managed to make the images in oil look extremely realistic and lifelike by depicting the emotions with photographic accuracy. The luminous gilded halo creates volumetric glow effect, giving relief to the images and spiritually unifying the mother and the child.
In the picture we can see the image of a sorrowful woman in bright, expensive attire, who bowed her head to her son. This gentle image, full of humanity, shows how deep and unconditional mother's love for her child can be. Her averted gaze, a little distant, does not indicate alienation, but rather her inquietudes that might be related to the future of the child. The child is shrouded in white and blue clothes being the symbols of purity. His face is beautiful like his mother's, and childishly innocent. 
The choice of the subject of the painting was not accidental. It is largely autobiographical. Who else but a woman, a mother can depict maternal feelings that convincingly. The artist herself and her son Ivan were the inspiration for the painting.
It was painted during the Mellow period. This is the time when the artist and her son were spending their holiday on the Black Sea coast during the so-called mellow season. At the same time, the author creates a series of paintings on the Mother and Child classic theme: "By the cradle", "Mother's happiness", "Glimpse into the future". 
Watching her son, the artist was noticing all the subtle changes in him. The child trustingly clinging to his mother will soon turn into an adolescent denying all and everything. How to protect him from hardships? How to give him strength and inspire to achieve? The artist was overwhelmed with such thought while painting this picture.
Maternal love, which literally illuminates the silent woman's face in the picture, seeks to protect the child, to prevent the inevitable. The indissoluble spiritual connection between them is plain to see. No wonder the boy has adult-like eyes. It seems as if he already knows much more than others. In general, the painting radiates warmth, comfort and love. The child's eyes penetrating into the depths of the soul firmly etch in the heart of every spectator.
The artist put her heart and anguish into this picture, and thus managed to create a real masterpiece. To portray such honest emotions, genuine belief and love for her child, she had to go through it herself, to live a whole life and have maternal experience. The image of the mother dear to everyone is depicted very expressively. It shows the beauty and permanence of the world. Therefore, this painting surely deserves the attention of collectors and museums.

Mother's fears

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    27/31/4 cm, oil painting on linden wood, decorated with gold leaf

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