From the dawn of time people believed that the future of children was in the hands of teachers. They laid a strong foundation of knowledge that helped children live, find their place in society and grow personally and professionally in the future. In the age of high technology the status of a school teacher has lost its original meaning: many children are engaged in home schooling, study at online schools, ask questions not to the teacher, but to Google. The artist believes that nothing can ever replace a real teacher with huge life experience and adhered to universal human values. Her painting reflects this idea.
The central character of the painting is a male figure in a pink dress and a blue chiton. In his left hand he holds an open book, while the right hand is frozen in an attention-getting gesture. He is ready to teach, to preach good and eternal values. He is a "Teacher" with a capital “T”. Symmetrical features of a beautiful face amaze the viewers with their calmness and confidence in the correctness of actions. His eyes emanate wisdom. It seems as if he possesses secret knowledge. His broad forehead is a sign of outstanding intelligence. The entire image glows from within and is also illuminated by the dawn in the background.
English evolutionary scientist Herbert Spencer served as the prototype for this image. Elena was bringing up her children in the light of his pedagogical ideas. He criticized book education and mechanical cramming, believing that education should be useful from the practical point of view. But most importantly, he supported moral upbringing, applying the principle of natural consequences. The children have to experience themselves what their actions lead to. It develops internal discipline and form the character. Only a real Teacher is able to build a personality that will have control over itself and will not be controlled by others.
The artist is extremely worried about the rapid society informatization process. The requirements for the educational process are changing as well. In her painting, she expresses the hope that a teacher will again be highly respected in our society. A teacher is an innovator, effective knowledge worker, researcher, consultant, educator, organizer, and project manager. They are loving and sensitive, giving their heart to children. 
Elena Yukhnevich managed to convey the message that a teacher is a state of mind and a lifestyle. So that every viewer wants to become his follower.


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    27/31/4 cm, oil painting on linden wood, decorated with gold leaf

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