The Mother of God


The composition of the icon represents a style called "Hodigitria" in translation from ancient Greek means "Baedeker's". A direct linear perspective is the main concept of spacious accommodation in this icon. The light coming through the Virgin Mary and infant Jesus. It is light divine of glory, which birth with blessed humans and merges with him the sole vessel. 


The Mother of God looks like a young pretty-faced woman. She holds on the right hand of infant Jesus. He turns to the mother by all his body and eyesight aspire to the Virgin Mary. Jesus holds the ancient scroll as the symbol of good news, by the right hands he continues communicates with a gesture. 


Clothes of Mary shine in golden and green tints, which create common warm saturated canvas's palette, embody an image about just awakened nature. The folds of her clothes are rough, graphically broken pleats, contrasts with soft drawings of her face. The whole picture starting from the faces of the Mother of God and infant Jesus and ending with the glowing of patterns on their clothes emanate with freshness. Dressed in contrast clothes Jesus stands out against the Virgin Mary homogenous background because of his importance as the center of the composition and as the important figure to Orthodox Christianity.  


Wonderful work by Jacob Stephanov made with tempera paints and linden tree base. Background, halo and some fragments of the clothes are trimmed with gold leaves. First of all the art of iconography, it is a new encounter with the inexhaustible mystery of author ideas. Such a deep and subtly performance of artwork satisfies the human need to see and feel something magnificent at all.


Art Work 10

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    21/25/4 cm, tempera painting on linden wood, decorated with gold leaf

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