An ancient proverb runs: "My father and mother gave me birth, but He made me a man." As if a caring parent, He leads a person through life, and the latter may not even be aware whether he is moving himself or is being invisibly supported, guided, pointed out the way. In some ways, this mysterious Someone, like a conductor, manages the orchestra. The orchestra would be nowhere without Him. 
The central character of the picture is the image of the upper body and face of a man. The right hand is frozen in a peculiar gesture, which is used by conductors or those wanting to draw attention. In his left hand, the man holds a book in a precious casing. We can see a yellow-and-pink chiton with a beautiful crew neck studded with precious stones and an olive cloak. Bright glow around the man's head on a blue background makes the viewer focus on the facial expression. Piercing eyes of such a calm face penetrate into the depth of the viewer's heart trying to convey the absolute need for knowledge. His whole appearance says that He is a real teacher, the one who has already achieved the goal. And He can point out the way to it. Therefore, we should listen to Him, even though we might think that the other way is better.
World-famous Russian conductor Valery Gergiev served as the prototype for Fishman's painting. The artist deeply respects Gergiev's art, which is marked by his vivid emotionality and individual approach to interpreting the score. In addition, the great musician is a Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the St Petersburg State University. Gergiev is known for charity concerts and humanitarian actions worldwide. And this is what a real teacher should be, the one who has chosen his own way and leads the others.
The new age of information makes us respect and carefully choose those who not only possess it, but also have a special talent or even the gift to transmit and distribute it. This is the modern purpose and vocation of a teacher.
This painting shows us a brilliant image of the Teacher with a capital T. He manages, directs the process, but sometimes cannot vouch for the result. His business is to wave "conductor's baton", and it is his students who must "play a chord".

The one who points the way

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    30/40/4 cm, tempera painting on linden wood, decorated with gold leaf

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