Mystery Visitors by Jacob S.


Artistic center of this work occupied by tree Angels with an identical face, whose head seat on the throne. Visitors are located under the oak of Mamre, a large old tree, which epitomizes life itself. They are dressed in the same clothes but in different colors. The red color symbolizes humankind, the material substance of body and blood, which come through the vessels and vein. Blue color represents a spiritual world, a space of energy and purity. Green is the color of all life on the Earth, the color of renewal and nature.


Angeles's hairs bind by thin ribbons that considerate one of the royal regalia. Their faces are turned toward those who stand near them. On one hand, they hold the rod as a symbol of belonging to the highest divine power.


Arose the interest author's decision to place many cups and only one bread, which holds a woman in front of the visitors. She stands on the right side. Tree angels form a circle in their pose. They are closing space around the goblets. The middle seat angel put his hand on the cup to bless it, while the rest are turned around to the Abraham and Sarah (man and woman near them). Using as contrast the surrounding dynamic images, which are represented as decent of angels from the mountain, prayer saints, observers, who stand on the terrace; author artfully shows how static, silent and metaphorical Trinity. Near visitors' seat young man, who sacrifices a calf, that also a unique moment that signifies direct relation between Universe and humankind. 


On the left side, we can see Abraham's house, richly decorated and full of people, emphasizing his reverent attitude to all travelers and guests. From the other side, we can see Moriah Mountain and a small part of Heavenly City.


The framework of the canvas is decorated by painted arabesques flowers made in gold leaves like the halos and wings above all persons that present. The color palette of the icon so saturated and full of different ornaments. It is a good example of titanic efforts made by the author in the creation of this masterpiece. Drawing a storyline is one of the most difficult areas in modern iconography. Its comprehensive deets truly impressed not only religious people but also ordinary inhabitants.


Considering this artwork could get the aesthetic pleasure, because of a virtuosic manner of Jacob Stephanov, who show the smallest details, keeping the dynamics of the life forces and its linear dimension parallel with the static world of spiritual miraculousness.

Art Work 4

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    30/40/4 cm, tempera painting on linden wood, decorated with gold leaf

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