Will IRRA be closed?

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On May 30, the Moscow Arbitration Court had arrested the assets of Dmitry and Alexey Ananyev that previously belonged to them for 282 billion rubles. The list of assets was the Institute of Russian Realist Art. One of the largest collections of socialist realist art shows, which surprising by the depth of the official art of the Soviet Union.

Alexey Ananyev in IRRA. Author photo: Forbes.ru

Alexey Ananyev opened the Institute of Russian Realist Art (IRRA) in 2011. Socialist realism was the dominant style of art in the Soviet UnionThe museum holds the best collection of socialist realist art from the 20th century. There exhibited such canvas as “Over the snowfield”, “On the way” by Georgi Nisskiy, which Mr. Ananyev purchased at Sotheby’s auction in the 2014 year for $ 2,500,000 and $783,100. These pictures are the most expensive among socialist realist art. Also in his collection, attend Isaak Brodsky, Alexander Deineka, several works by Alexander Gerasimov and Victor Popkov. The total price of the drawings is about $1, 4 million.

Georgi Nisskiy “On the way”, 1959–1964. (Author photo: theartnewspaper.ru)

Nowadays IRRA contains about 500 unique works of art. Its collection spans the entire Soviet period, and its different floors are dedicated to different eras. The building of the museum, which was arrested too, represents its own individual trait. The redbrick structure, which was built in 1823 by a Swiss master, was once the largest cotton-printing factory in the Russian Empire.

IRRA museum, photoshoot taken from IRRA official Facebook page.

On Monday, June 3, Nadezhda Stepanova, art director of IRRA, told Business FM that the museum has great plans and it will continue to work in the old track. However by the next day, the museum administrator said that it was closed "for an indefinite time", she could not give a reason - reports Rambler. As Stepanova said on June 4, the exhibition of Mikhail Kamensky was also temporarily stopped. Anybody does not know what exactly will happen with the Institute of Russian Realist Art, while judicial proceeding.

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