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When you get away from a fast-paced city and find yourself in the halls with..

..Maria Fedotova's pictures exhibited, it's beginning to seem as if you appeared in another world. This exhibition is a way to somewhere beyond our perception, into another dimension, into the world of beauty seen in a different, wider space and transmitted to us through an unknown spiritual channel. The artist draws inspiration and energy by going deep into the subconscious and allowing emotions and feelings to create.

At the beginning of her career she experimented with clay and genuine leather, painted in various techniques. Finally, Maria ended up in abstractionism as an integral part of the modern art. She does not think about what she wants to paint, but rather trusts her feelings. Not relying on the viewer's perception of the characteristics of externally real objects, the artist can tell surprisingly much about herself and the world around her.

The exhibition is of great interest because Fedotova's works strike with their innovative boldness, the ambiguity that invites us to read into the narrated story. In her paintings, the colors can be not only eye-watering orange or pale pink, but also militant, confused, and warming. The lines are not just thick and fractured, the spots are not only full and densely stroked - they represent a rapid rush, rises and falls. Intuitively recognizable sea or field landscapes take shape through her emotional and spiritual experience, a certain state of mind and consciousness.

Through her works, Fedotova tells us a personal story, shows her own vision of situations and objects, which are meticulously put in particular themes and colors, caught at high speed or a frozen time point. Striving to make her paintings three-dimensional, creating relief and structure, applying various modern techniques, and those that come to her from the universe, she conveys the idea of the uniqueness of the moment.

Through the lens of Maria Fedotova's personal experience, the exhibition perfectly demonstrates the dynamism of time with its transformations and experimental creativity.

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