When today becomes tomorrow

First industrial street-art festival “Art-Ravine” will be in the center of Vysk in summer 2019. One huge installation will standing at the forum under the name "Factory of the Future". The artist and scenographer Maria Kechaeva came up with design of installation, which will transforms by optical devices and cinematic mechanisms.

Another participant will be engineering theatre “AXE”, who will show unique spectacle “Foam Days” based on Boris Vian’s novel. This program curated Yuri Kvyatkovsky; he also will show choreographic performance “Ok 4/4”.

Author photo @Vyksaru, Instagram.

Yung architects will present “Pavilion of the Future”, which will create inspired of Zaha Hadid's experimental universe. In pavilion people can watch movies, participate in lectures and discussions.

The main figure on festival will be grand opening of first Street-art Park on the territory of the existing Vyksa Steel Factory. On the territory, we can watch the largest street-art works by Misha Most. Organizers planed expended Street-art Park every year. In this year, they will present picture by Aleksey Luka.

Pasha 183, street-art (Author of photo @artovragfestival, Instagram).

Musical component of Festival will compile famous hip-hop singer FEDUK. Art-music will present Kymatic ensemble, Katya Shilonosova with the project “Kate NV”, Foresteppe and other young avant-garde musicians. Ambient-utopia provides near pond Lebednik as electro-acoustic concerts.

Author of photo @fedukone, Instagram.

The festival will come through his own way because of the revolutionary solutions, which we will proud.

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