The paintings of Maria Strapcheva's Daily Joys exhibition tell about the things surrounding us..

...in everyday life, serving us every day, making our lives a little easier and happier. However, we do not notice this natural beauty, being overwhelmed with the bustle of everyday life. The artist draws our attention to ordinary things, which is unusual for such a young woman. With the life running incredibly fast, all-round digitalization and robotics, she deeply appreciates the delight of a quiet peaceful life. That is why in her paintings she poetically praises the simplest everyday activities, such as cooking and eating, doing housework, and even cleaning shoes, or rather admiring the results of her work.

The works created in the best traditions of the genre painting do not show monotonous everyday life, but illustrate daily routine inspired by the greatness of life. The characters are not people, but objects, and this manifests the artist's imaginative vision of reality. A simple spoon would seem far from being unusual. We are so used to it that we just use this thing without paying much attention to it. But its story goes back centuries. The artist praises the flatware that we cannot do without: she admires the elegance of its elongated handle, the steepness of the fracture between the handle and the bowl, and the beauty of its oval bowl made of metal shining in the sun.

Strapcheva breathes life into an unkempt kitchen that might seem lifeless in somebody else's painting. Everything there inspires hope that the owner will come back one day: the forgotten grater, the bowl put on the top shelf, the newspaper spread out on the edge of the table. All details are finely depicted, which shows the artist's touching attitude to everyday objects, her nostalgia for the eerily familiar environment from childhood.

Maria easily drifts from realistic manner to abstractionism, painting a mug with a hot drink, halves of an apple and a banana as if hanging in the air or calmly floating along the river of time. It seems childishly naive, because she refused from the texture, having created the objects as if from one material, while keeping all the proportions.

The paintings presented at the exhibition show the author's intuitive desire to convey the uniqueness of the moment of existence.

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