The exhibitions of Elena Yukhnevich are original and interesting.

Maybe it’s because icon painting is an ancient art, intuitively understandable to most. Or because in her paintings she touches upon the topics close to everyone's heart. Everyone seeks to feel secure when they consciously and responsibly influence the circumstances to allow for their mental balance and harmonious development. Claim for Protection exhibition appeals to the artist's understanding of the situation when it is difficult for a person to overcome difficulties on their own. It is when they can ask their Guardian-Angel for help.

The exhibited works propose the viewer not only to get aesthetic pleasure from the vividly painted images, well-chosen colors, and compositional harmony, but also to think about the global problems of humanity. The main idea is to protect children, men and women, and even animals.

For example, the Humanity's Defender painting draws our attention to the ambiguous problem of disarmament connected with the probable death of our civilization. Several symbols will catch an eye of a careful viewer. A handsome young warrior is wearing a red cloak, symbolizing the victory over death, and a folding mantle, showing the man's restless soul. Elena Yukhnevich achieved the effect of reverse perspective: now it is not the viewer who dominates, but the person looking at us from the picture. He calls for thinking about the consequences of the arms race, embracing the voice of reason, and understanding the fact, that salvation is in our own hands.

This painting has a lot in common with the Unwomanly Face of War picture. The artist emphasizes that although war is considered to be a male domain with a woman being a symbol of life, sometimes tragedy comes to her life as well, when she mourns over her father, husband, brother, who did not return from the battlefield. With the help of artistic images, the author conveys universal longing and plea addressed to everyone who looks at this masterpiece, rich in feelings and emotions.

The artist takes everything to heart and express her understanding of reality with the help of a brush and paints. The artist's view of the world reaches the viewer through brilliant masterpieces.

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