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The artist Serafim Vasiliev looks at the possibilities of abstract art from a new angle.

At his exhibition, he introduces its new content to the audience. For Vasiliev, this is not something non-objective, but rather a special language that allows talking about abstractionism in a lyrical, confessional way. The hidden face of the artist depicted in the photo implies his isolation from the world. It makes us perceive his works, which tell about personal things and values, vividly and gratefully.

At the exhibition, you will experience the beauty and melodiousness of abstract art, which, according to its author, is able to create a universal picture of the world order. The artist hears a certain melody inside each time he creates something, and this polyphony is harmoniously reflected on the canvas. Vasiliev does not accept any dogmas or rules. It is music that moves his brush. While working, the artist creates harmony and balance, decides what color will be appropriate in a particular part of the painting. He tries to make it so that one spot would not interfere with another and, at the same time, that the colors would "sound". Having learnt it from his daughter, Serafim Vasiliev strives for the expressiveness peculiar to children's drawings: pure emotions, beauty of lines, harmony. He can draw a line that can then sound and affect viewers. His art is impossible to describe. Everyone perceives it in their own way.

Today, viewers become innovators along with the artist, offering their concept of art. If you are interested in this exhibition, it means that you are quite sensitive and ready for new experiences, and therefore are able to rise above the ordinary level of consciousness, to understand the artist's idea expressed by non-objective art.

Vasiliev's paintings are lively and dynamic, and they will definitely trigger your emotions. Each time he creates an image by means of strokes, lines, and colored spots. This is not a specific character, but an image, a certain action, a whole world inside a picture. Follow him if you are wondering what will happen next. Everything is extremely intuitive, subtle, and unconscious. And every painting resonates with a viewer's feelings in its own way.

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