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The artist Maria Strapcheva is only 20 years old, but she has already come into the spotlight in..

the world of art preferring abstractionism and conceptualism. Inspired by the works of Picasso and talented representatives of contemporary art, she manages to paint as if "art did not exist before her".

Maria obtained excellent skills in academic painting, having graduated from the Krasnodar college of management, informatization and service, where she studied Design. But she often prefers a visual experience not loaded with thingness. She makes it easier for us to understand her pieces of art: we are not distracted by clearly painted objects, but rather allowed to dive into our emotional experience.

Today, art experiments are on trend, and the sphere of traditional abstractionism is overrepresented. Many young artists cut their teeth using codes and techniques of abstractionism. The novelty of this personal exhibition is in how Maria Strapcheva's psychological states are tuned with the wave of "abstract psyche". The artist's paintings have all chances to take their places in the field of abstractionism thanks to her peculiar inner world. A special psychological setting cannot be copied, it is strictly individual and fully disclosed in her unique works.

The contour of confident lines that turn into portraits becomes indifferent to the eyes, and what is valuable are the total mass of color and spots balancing in our perception on the verge of irritation and attractive peace. And all these add up to an intimate, slightly open to the viewer personal story.

The exhibition is an exploration of her own art. Strapcheva desires to demonstrate the development of her skill and unique style to the public. She can rightly be considered one of those young talents who will become a worthy representative of a new generation of contemporary artists actively participating in exhibition projects, creating large-scale paintings, installations and performances.

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