Сould we change the face of History?

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16 April was mournful day to France and all over the world. Cathedral’s spire and roof collapsed, but the main structure of Notre-Dame has been saved. After the massive fire ravages French businessman donate to cathedral more than $1 billion. Notre-Dame has stood tall above Paris since the 1200s. It is a national symbol, which was referred not only in fine art, but also in literature novels and movies.

Last Monday French Senate voted, that cathedral must be restored to resemble as closely as possible its appearance before the fire. New bill said that new Spire should completed by 2024 year, before Olympic Games will started in Paris. It caused discontent between Government and experts, historians, and conservationists, because it could be a very difficult process. Earlier French Prime Minister stated that he would launch an international architectural competition to reconstruct the spire. Earlier French Prime Minister stated that he would launch an international architectural competition to reconstruct the spire.

Young modern architectures all over the world star apply versions, where spire will transformed into something extraordinary. Alexandre Fantozzi apply ideas with vitrail through all roof. On his Instagram, he wrote: “Cathedral of Notre Dame is to use a single element that has the best, stained glass (vitrail). The greatest Gothic feature, using materials of the latest technology. In Gothic, the stained glass signifies the connection of the earth to the sky, and inside the cathedral, the natural illumination multiplies in colors through the colorful stained glass filter. At night, the interior lighting becomes a grand backlit cover. The material specified for this stained glass is made of a high-tech glass produced by a renowned and traditional French factory. The glasses have sun protection, without changing the desired aesthetic…”

Author of the photo @alexandre_fantozzi, Instagram

One more breathtaking proposal suggested by Belgian-French Vincent Callebaut, envisions a “Gothic and biomimetic forest” for the cathedral, along with a “solar and ventilated roof”. According to the proposal on the architect’s website, the three-dimensional Gothic stained glass graft could be designed to produce all the electricity, heat and passive ventilation the cathedral might require.

Author of the photo Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Another architectors suggested building a brand new spire in the shape of the flames that destroyed it last month. Competition will completed by July, 30 and later every approved submission will be opened to public voting. The project, which gets the most votes, will be implemented. It is amazing chance for us to be a small part of big history.

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