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Modern Art Fair – “ Da!Moscow” new format of Modern Art

Обновлено: 28 мая 2019 г.

Erwin Wurm “Misconceivable” (model), 2007. (Author @Da!Moscow, Instagram)

From 28 gallery art exhibition “Da!Moscow” was presented in Gostiniy Dvor. The exhibition is organized by Vladimir Ovcharenko, famous gallerist and founder of Modern Art gallery “Ovcharenko”. Contemporary projects were introduces in new body of work as art-show by emerging and established artists. The main sector of the show presenting the high quality of paintings, sculptures and installations. Art space of Gostiniy Dvor was full by the famed domestic art gallery as “Palisander”, “Jart”, “Lumiere”, “and Vellum”, “P.A. Gallery” and others

Ovcharenko notes that the main project of exhibition were “Golden Fond” and “Alley of Stars”. The spaces are organized not by topics but in case of emotional flow. All guest were impressed of immensity of art-show mood. All exhibited works rotated from $30 to prices that available only on request. The top priced achieved Korean artist Kwan Young Chun, which sold for $170,000 on the first day of exhibition.

There were presenting works of Russian Modern artist’s as Nikolai Vechtomov, Anatolii Zverev, Crocodile Power, Valerie Koshliakov and others.

Wonderful example of powerful work was “Misconceivable” by Erwin Wurm.

The most photographed sculpture in social media was “Light My Fire” created by Vasiliy Slonov. According to the author, this project tells about Love, which comes through opposing hatred and death.

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