Ministry of Culture has distributed a collection of Confederation to regional museums

Обновлено: 9 июня 2019 г.

In November 2017, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation issued a decision about the liquidation of the international confederation of the Union of Artists. An unscheduled inspection drawing out a contravention in the business sphere, which was allowed by the organization.

Works from the collection of confederation – paintings by Zurab Tsereteli, Tahir Salakhov, George Nissky, and Alexander Deineka. Author Photo: Tatiana Markin.

In liquidation, the committee was set up members of representatives of the Russian Union of Artists. The committee was piled up a working group to an inventory of the collection, which has more than 50,000 items. The group includes representatives of the Tretyakov Gallery. The International Confederation of the Union Artists replaced the liquidated Union of Artists of the USSR in 1992. According to the “Kommersant” newspaper, the Confederation owns the House of Creativity, the Podolsky Combine of Art Materials and the Central House of Artists in Moscow.

Vladimir Medinsky presented the heads of the seven regional museums orders to renew their museum piece from the collection of the International Confederation of Unions of Artists. The collection includes all genres of art: painting, sculpture, graphics, a poster, as well as works of theatrical-decorative, decorative and folk art. The ceremony was held as part of the Intermuseum-2019 International Festival at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall.

Photos provided by the press service of "Intermuseum-2019"

Orenburg Regional Museum of Fine Arts will receive 499 items of the collection. Samara Literary-Memorial Museum of M. Gorky - 77 items, Smolensk State Museum-Reserve - 221, Belgorod State Literary Museum - 650, Omsk State Literary Museum. F. Dostoevsky - 62, Tver State United Museum - 191, Voronezh Regional Literary Museum of I. S. Nikitin - 278, Tsaritsyno Preserve - 2,076 items. Rather, these provided numbers just a formality. According to numbers, it is impossible to judge how much will be strengthened regional collections in reality. The collection of the Confederation of Unions of Artists consisted of 53 000 items and was very motley. The collection included both: multi-million masterpieces and ordinary works of the non-museum level.

Memories of Bread Rationing during the War1962-1963 by Yuri Pimenov. Photoshoot used from www.curiator.com.

In 2014, attention was attracted by the sale part of this collection at auction, which was initiated by the head of the confederation, Masut Fatkulin. At the Sotheby’s auction in London, paintings of the first line were put up: "Young Designer" (1966) by Alexander Deineka, "Above the Snows" (1964) by Georgy Nyssky. Now, this masterpiece is under arrest in IRRA. “Memories of Bread Rationing during the War” (1963) by Yuri Pimenov, “The first ship is underway” (1965) by Vladimir Stozharov, as well as some other works.

"Young Designer" (1966) by Alexander Deineka. Photo used from www.deineka.ru.

26 canvases were taken to London auction and 11 were sold. Several pieces sold to private Russian collectors, such as “The Boys” by Alexander Deineka. Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky in 2016 initiated an inspection by the General Prosecutor’s Office because of the activities of the confederation because of the export of paintings that were put up for sale at Sotheby’s auction. It was one of the reasons for the dissolution of the Confederation collection to regional museums.

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