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Maria Strapcheva

Maria Strapcheva, 20-year-old artist, was growing up surrounded by art. As long as she can remember herself, she has always tried to form her own unique style. She is young, promising, talented and just delighted with her occupation. She has already come into the spotlight in the world of contemporary art and paints as if "art did not exist before her".

- Tell us about yourself: where and when were you born?

- I was born on May 10, 1999 in Krasnodar, a city in the South of Russia, with almost a million population. It is not far from the Caucasus Mountains and the Black sea. It is a rather warm, cozy town.

- The originality of your works, the mixture of styles make it clear that you have got a good education in arts, don't they?

- In fact, I have been fond of painting from a young age. I used to take painting classes back at school. Then I entered the Krasnodar College of management, informatization and service, where I studied Design. There I learned the basics of painting: I practiced with a paintbrush, developed my artistic vision, learned hatching, contours, perspective and composition. But I felt so constrained in the frame of the academic education, so I decided to cease my studies and stroke out on my own.

- Where do you draw inspiration from? The emotional state in which there is an extraordinary boost of energy, which invigorates an artist.

- Krasnodar is a city of art. There are many art galleries where you can get acquainted with original paintings, graphics, sculptures, and art photography. I frequently visit the exhibitions of famous artists from all over the country. In particular, we have a huge museum of contemporary art. And that's what really captivates me: contemporary art. This is such a vast field of art, which shows the world around us from unexpected and often unusual angles. I'm interested in everything new appearing in all fields and techniques of art.

- Do you have any favorite artists whose artwork is close to you?

- Mostly they are foreign artists, but I cannot name someone in particular.

- Can you share with us an event, a joyful moment in your life which influenced your becoming an artist, your entire career?

- An artist cannot create without paints. So, my grandfather's support became the most significant event for me. It was he who invested his money in painting materials and everything a beginner artist needs for a good startup. I am endlessly grateful to him for that.

- Suppose you didn't become an artist. Who could you be? Would you choose a creative profession, or maybe something else?

- Life is so unpredictable. Anything is possible. If I hadn't become an artist, I might have been a pianist, maybe a handball star, a designer, or even an actress. I was devoted to each of these activities at different stages of life.

- Imagine you have met an artist or master who ever lived on the Earth, who you would like to learn from or work with. Who could it be?

- Pablo Picasso would be first on the list without any question. I studied his work and life in depth for writing my college work. Besides him being an exciting person, he is an amazing artist who knows his business thoroughly. Picasso can rightly be called one of the most fascinating and inimitable artists. He was different, but always shocking. Picasso's famous paintings are an extraordinary tandem of traditional painting and original art.

- Have you ever stopped painting?

- All creative people are vulnerable to the periods of stagnation when the Muse leaves them. I had such periods of "darkness" as well. You cannot avoid it. But I would wait for a while and start painting again. After all, inspiration does not come only to those who are lazy.

- What would you like to create in the future? How do you see your artistic career, which way can it go?

- I was inspired by the statement of the Ukrainian artist Zorkin: "Make it as if art never existed before you!" That's about contemporary art that attracts me. In the future, I see myself creating large paintings in the style of realism, abstractionism, and conceptualism. I would like to try my hand at giving a performance. After all, this is a modern form of action painting. This kind of art is intended for a big audience and aims at drawing attention. As they say, it's a poor artist that never wants to become famous. I believe I can do it.

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