Maria Fedotova's paintings show the world as if from space she feels a special connection with.

The Universe gives her not only inspiration, but also the images themselves, and the ability to finely depict certain color and texture nuances. Bright color accents and a variety of images speak of the rich inner world of the artist and her fruitful alliance with the Universe.

The exhibition is called Reality and Fantasy, which represents two "hands" of artistic creativity. Fedotova is able to see a real life and fantasize as well. She depicts both subtle familiar pictures of earthly life and myths: imaginary countries, other worlds, unknown past and distant future. She paints cute monsters, incredible mechanisms, and fantastic landscapes. Realizing that, the audience does not think she is a deceiver. They get excited and fascinated with the artist.

Why does the artist have the right to fantasize? Because even when she convincingly shows us really existing things, she selects only those aspects of reality, which are significant for her. The artist's works convey the phenomena of life reflected through her imagination and her attitude. It is the author who chooses the aspects of reality that excited her and that will face the audience.

Her art holds the truth and hidden meanings: a red spider weaving a web in the dark, unicellular organisms painted with sparkling contrasting shades, and a deep river winding like a snake between hills. It reflects the reality experienced by the artist. What helped her to convey her experiences to the viewer was the author's mastery of artistic language and means of expression. The feelings and thoughts expressed in Maria Fedotova's works are genuine. She does not aim to deceive the viewer or to make them take the images for real. Every genuine artistic image is created as the embodiment of truth. Looking at the paintings of the young artist, the viewer needs to understand the image of reality created by the author, accept it and experience it themselves.

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