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Maria Fedotova

At age 24, Maria Fedotova has already found her place in art, because she started looking for it at the age of 6. She tried her hands at sculpture and leatherwork, but finally realized that her true passion was painting - expressing her vivid emotions on the canvas, being alone with her subconscious.

Maria, please, tell us where such an imaginative nature as you was born?

- I was born in St. Petersburg on May 26, 1995. Our city is a unique place where creativity is a matter of course. Historical architecture, exhibitions and festivals, a special spirit - all these contribute to cultural development. It's impossible not to like St. Petersburg, everyone marvels at it.

- Right, in such a large city, you have a great choice of where and what to learn. Where did you learn the basics of painting?

- As long as I can remember myself, since I was a child, I have always enjoyed painting and other forms of art. At the age of 6, I started taking painting and clay modeling classes in a local Children and Youth Center. Later I became interested in making genuine leather goods, participated in children's art contests. In 2012, I graduated from school and was enrolled at St. Petersburg Fashion College to study Costume Design, where I liked painting more than sewing.

- Your paintings are so bright, full of quaint signs. What artistic movements inspire you? What trends in art do you feel positive about?

- I love abstractionism. Its main idea is freedom of expression, no proportions, no real objects. The chaotic way of conveying thoughts, feelings, and emotions dominates there. I like it how artists play with shape and texture in surrealism. I am also fond of modernism and contemporary art with their complex geometry and plain colors, contrasts and graphic lines. I like painting from nature and watch the street art developing.

- Do you have any favorite artists whose works particularly resonate with you?

- There are many contemporary artists whose work I like, but I cannot single out one. Great masters of the past years are Kandinsky, Dali, and Picasso. I share their idea of mixing everything. I advocate the synthesis of arts and artistic movements.

- If we talk about your adolescence, were there any events that really influenced your becoming an artist? Could you share any of them with us?

- I can't remember any joyful moment that influenced my artistic career. But I can clearly remember the day when I, being terribly depressed, turned to a friend of mine who was engaged in art therapy, and she advised me to pour out my emotions on paper. Then I transferred my inner "darkness" to a sheet of paper, and after that bright colors came - light green color of the meadow, four orange suns enclosed in golden circles. This helped me to break free of the state of anguish, taught me to listen to myself and reflect my inner world on the canvas.

- Imagine for a moment that you have not found yourself in art, got disappointed at it or left it as a hobby. What could your job be?

- It's hard to say...but another passion of mine is traveling. Traveling opens new horizons and inspires. When traveling, a person changes. Meeting other people, he has an opportunity to look at himself from a different side. You can start exploring the world from your hometown and your country. We are often not even aware of how many different peoples have influenced the culture and architecture of our homelands and our way of life.

- Imagine you have met an artist who ever lived on the Earth or lives nowadays, who is close to you, and who you would like to learn from or even work with. Who would this person be?

- I think it would be interesting for me to work with Kandinsky. He not only created paintings in which music seemed to come to life. In his works he used vigorous colors and pasty strokes with a pronounced direction to create a sense of movement, boiling energy. Yes, I would like to understand his art better in person, to learn something from him.

- Have you ever stopped painting? You have been engaged in it since you were a child, and perhaps you had breaks during your artistic career?

- Twice, maybe three times. I think that everyone needs a break from time to time, and, of course, in creative activity. After all, an artist needs to gain strength, find inspiration, take a break from their creative work and enjoy themselves somewhere on the seashore. When a person rests in body and mind from his routine, then any work will bring him great joy. On the contrary, if you do creative activities every day, it then becomes tiresome and ordinary, and it is when the Muse does not come.

- How do you see your future as an artist?

- Over the past five years, I realized that I do not think about what I want to paint, but trust my feelings, going deep into myself, into the subconscious, deriving my inner energy and strength, and thus making room for new emotions and achievements.

I would like to create large paintings on various surfaces, making them three-dimensional, creating relief and structure, applying various modern techniques, and those that come to me from the universe.

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