Love it or live it - experimental JUNE Art Fair in Basel

If you are bored from basic exhibition even it was the TOP exhibition in the world. The founders of the selling exhibition have created a booth-free alternative to Basel's overcrowded art fairs inside a Herzog & de Meuron's building across the street from Art Basel that was formerly home to Freymond-Guth Fine Arts, which closed in 2017.

This is the art space was designed by Switzerland star architects. Fourteen galleries consolidate their effort to build the fair without "exhibition platform" such as Hannah Hoffman from Los Angeles, Midway Contemporary Art from Minneapolis, and Misako and Rosen from Tokyo. The decision about "free space" was made to avoid dangerous visual overload. Different artists could freely coexist with each other, for example, the great two works of German painter Anne Speier, which previously was represented at the Secession in Vienna last fall look even better at "June" than they did in the historic Viennese building.

Opening day of June in Basel. Photo by Nicolas Gysin. The photo was used from www.new.artnet.com

"It's a treat to be able to show in such a beautiful, intimate yet spacious venue," LA-based dealer François Ghebaly told to Artnet News. He is delighted to have sold four large paintings by the Romanian artist Marius Bercea to private collections in Switzerland, France, and the US. Each work was priced at $50,000.

Marius Bercea: ‘Pluralizing Rhythm’, 2018 // Courtesy of the artist and Blain Southern. Author photo Peter Mallet.

The participation of Mitchell Algus, who is something of a cult figure as a gallerist, is a notable highlight. The New York-based dealer brought work by a long overlooked contemporary, pioneering American performance and video artist Colette Lumiere. Algus initially did not think he would take part in June. When contacted by Jeffrey Rosen of Misako & Rosen, Algus says he told him: "There was no way I can afford to do fairs." Though he was eventually convinced to join the fair, he decided not to attend himself. He explained via email from New York that "art should make its own case."

Artist: Lea von Wintzingerode. Venue: Lulu annex.Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Lulu, Mexico City.,Date: April 13 – July 31, 2019. Mexico City, Mexico.

The initial reason to create New Art Space in Basel was a wish of making a real alternative to accustomed "Art Basel" and "Liste" and free up overcrowded exhibitions. Deadlines are tight during preparation, but the organizers tried to provide their colleagues' gallerists with strong context, incredible flexibility in one hand with lower costs than LISTE or Art Basel Statements. `The strict rules of LISTE and Art Basel give an incredible advantage to the "Experimental Fair" in the way how gallery represented the artist. The idea of collaboration of veteran artists that have been annotated by the young unknown painter was impossible in LISTE because of strict traditional rules.

As a result, 14 gallerists could earn money from selling artworks. Younger painters get a chance to shows their talents and artistic potential. Spoiled the public got the opportunity to see something new and the art world got a new art space with modern rules and new branches of Art history.

The material was used from www.news.artnet.com

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