London auction “On the spiritual in Russian Art”

The largest Western auction will start at 5 June in London. The pieces will appear at the MacDougall’s auction house as the most important indicator of significance in Russian art. MacDougall's is the only fine art auction house to specialize exclusively in Russian art.

Despite of difficult political situation, art drillers say that all will pass like clockwork. Auction house intend to provide smash biding. Experts bet to online-auction and buyers from private collection. In this year auction house will present the best of the best Russian artist: Boris Kustodiev, Viktor Vasnetsov, Georges Annenkov, Alexander Yakovlev, Ivan Shishkin, Konstantin Korovin and Nicholas Roerich. They are preachers of Russian realism and post modernism. If London auction will be successful, then will be possible to say that Russian art has gone up again.

The 1917 canvas called “Bakhchisarai” is interesting and quite unique because of its oriental theme — this is a great rarity in Kustodiev’s work.

The most expensive lot in auction house MacDougall’s will be Boris Kustodiev, Bakhchisarai, (Estimate bid 1,200,000—1,800,000 GBP), then Viktor Vasnetsov with canvais Young Dreams (Tsesarevich), (Estimate bid 650,000 – 900,000 GBP), Georges Annenkov, Alexander Yakovlev, Ivan Shishkin, Konstantin Korovin and Nicholas Roerich will separate between each other 1,450,000 – 2,200,000 GBP.

The portrait of Alexander Bozheryanov, created by the artist’s friend and colleague, Yuri Annenkov, is part of the famous series “Portraits” — the most famous cycle of Annenkov’s works on paper.

Representative of auction house predict that value of Russian art will return to prices of 2007 year, but refund of prices will be slowly.

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