Gagosian will open a permanent pop-up art gallery in Basel

Every June the world's top dealers and collectors landing in Basel, Switzerland, for the year's most significant fair. The mega-dealers occupy booths no different from the rest. They just sell a lot more art: not a million dollars here at Art Basel, but tens of millions. Or, in the case of Larry Gagosian, $1 billion. If that is, you believe those numbers: the mega-dealers may boast of a particular sale, but all are private, and they stay mum on profits in what is, notoriously, the world's largest unregulated market of legal goods. Gagosian's pop-up project, which was opened by 10 June in the framework of Art Basel, decided to allow a permanent gallery.

Detail from Ellen Gallagher’s Afrylic (2014) on the cover of Gagosian Quarterly, Summer 2019. The photo was used from www.gagosian.com

Larry Gagosian opened the first gallery in the 1980s. It is specializing in modern and contemporary art. In thirty years Gagosian has evolved into a global network with seventeen exhibition spaces in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Paris, Geneva, Basel, Rome, Athens, and Hong Kong. Gagosian gallery works with leading international artists including Georg Baselitz, Ellen Gallagher, Andreas Gursky, Anselm Kiefer, Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, Ed Ruscha, Richard Serra, Taryn Simon, Willem de Kooning, and many others.


June 13–16 in the program of Art Basel were represented works by Edgar Cleijne and Ellen Gallagher, Duane Hanson, Steven Parrino, Giuseppe Penone, and Tom Wesselmann have been selected for Art Basel Unlimited 2019, curated by Gianni Jetzer. This works going out of standard art-work frameworks.

Willem de Kooning, “The Privileged” (Untitled XX), 1985. Oil on canvas. The photo was used from www.gagosian.com

He tenants small well-organized space at Rheinsprung 1, which nearly "Les Trois Rois" hotel, where the wealthiest collectors stay during Art Basel. Andy Avini, the Gagosian chief-director handling the expansion, told The Art Newspaper space would undergo some "tweaks" after "Continuing Abstraction" closes on 16 June, with regular programming kicking off in September. He explains undiminished interest by the originality of space and uniqueness territory of perception. They would to merge "private" and "incompatible" and think about how they could expand this. The base issues of the gallery it is the question "How will exist?”. The art experts assume that Gagosian has already sold the represented collection and he needs a place for others. They are also confident that the new place will reveal an interest in local art collections.

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