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Elena Yukhnevich studied painting and icon writing, but..

..she does not focus on only one direction and dreams of creating something new. After all, contemporary artists, who can paint realistically and have a desire to paint what used to be painted for centuries before them, want to try something unusual. Moreover, if it is the artist who knows all the canons necessary to create classic icons, she creates masterpieces in an iconographic manner, but from a new perspective. It makes it more interesting to look at, as she does not lack painting skills.

This exhibition is dedicated to the search for a new artistic language, a new expression in contemporary art. Yukhnevich portrays the world as she perceives it, not copying reality, but conveying emotions caused by events happening to her. She does it through the prism of personal reflections on God, faith, human, the role of a woman and a man. There is no deception, politics or mockery of canonical art in her paintings.

Each painting poses a question, and the viewer has the right to get an answer to it, after giving it some thought. Through paintings, the artist expresses her reflections on the issues not alien to anybody at any time: what kind of lifestyle is typical of a modern man and what it can result in, how to find a real Teacher, and what is the sacred connection between the mother and the child.

Elena Yukhnevich is inspired by the masterpieces of Renaissance artists. There is a mystery, a fate, a message hidden in their paintings, which the artist is trying to divine. She skillfully uses color, plays with light and shadow, emotionally and meticulously depicting every detail.

The design of the pictures is also of great interest. Each work is immersed in a whirl of color and light. It resembles a tunnel leading to the subconscious of the artist, from which artistic images emerge. This art exists on the border of two worlds - eternity and time. It is influenced by the realities of our world, but the creative approach of this talented artist with a harmonious soul shows us her art in all its beauty.

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