Digital versus Traditional

The main challenge to every art organization, whatever museum or gallery is how to stay relevant with the new technology today.

Social media used as main channel to communicate with the audience. With this new channels of communication museums transformed way to access of art-space. Faberge gallery create small performance to all people, who want free entrance to exhibition if On St. Valentine’s day they came as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera and posted their photo in Instagram. The main prize was a trip to Mexico. As a result, they hit the TOP-50 "The most visited art exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg," with the 5th place. These changes make the traditional art process more natural and personal for the art fans.

Inspired by Frida Kahlo, Museum Faberge (Author @alevtina_photo_m, Instagram)

By blurs the line between untouchable and contiguity social media as Facebook, Instagram, Vk.ru and Ok.ru can increase amount of followers in several time.

Instagram with great demand of stunning photos became the most preferring social platform through Russian museums and galleries. By the Art Newspaper TOP-5 Instagram profile are State Hermitage (1,491,387), State Historical Museum (979,219), Tretyakov Gallery (975,203), State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin’s (466,229) and State Russian Museum (427,955). People love ideas that they can touch and create something new inspired by the artists.

Author of the photo @ekaterina__mitina__(Instagram)

Regional museums also support active social web-position. We can watch new format of fashion show mixed with classical art, exhibition where people might transform their appearance by the mood of workshop etc. Digitalization definitely promote Art to the society. Because of this uniqness traditional art percept more fragile and monumental. At the same time, Modern art appears more substantial and transparent.

Fashion show in Siberian State Art Institute (Author @artksuphoto, Instagram)

On a par with Instagram, exist YouTube channels, Telegram channels and Vk groups. These social platforms provide more scientific information as lectures, videoconference, master-class etc.

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