Contemplation of Elena Yukhnevich's paintings makes you feel at peace.

Artists have always mediated on the relationship of the mother and child in their paintings. The Mother and Child exhibition allows us to see how Elena Yukhnevich, contemporary artist painting in an iconographic manner, develops this theme.

Elena creates pictures full of warmth and light, rich in feelings and emotions. Following the iconographic canons, mothers and children are depicted with huge glowing eyes and delicate facial features. The artist's paintings are very comforting. There are no sharp angles, the lines are smoothed, and the figures are voluminous, which you cannot see in ancient icons. This is the case when the eternal was successfully combined with the modern. Contemplation of Elena Yukhnevich's paintings makes you feel at peace.

Most of the paintings presented at the exhibition were painted during the Mellow period: "Mother's fears", "Glimpse into the future", "By the cradle", "Mother's happiness." The artist herself and her son Ivan sat for some of the paintings. What prompted the author to create these works were her reflections on various topical issues, which cut Elena to the heart, such as the benefits of breastfeeding, as well as her desire to draw attention to the global problem of the women who stop feeding their children with breast milk too early and thus break spiritual ties between them.

Yukhnevich's paintings on the Mother and Child theme are as delicate as rosebuds. They are light and airy, telling us that any mother is elevated to the status of a divinity. At the same time, the paintings praise a special unity of the mother and child, how much she is devoted to them and unconditionally accepts them as they are. Only the mother who experienced all the stages of her child's growing up is able to capture playfulness and touching nature of children's features, and even to convey the majesty and, at the same time, the tenderness that make the characters of the artist's masterpieces incredibly convincing.

Over the past few years, the artist has painted many works on the Mother and Child theme. Now it's time to perceive them, to thoughtfully and peacefully peer into their sacred meaning. This is what such exhibitions are held for.


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