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Abstract paintings by Maria Gomon

Do you want to look at the last molecular level, where the fine art is on the edge of dissociating into atoms? Welcome to the exhibition of abstract paintings by Maria Gomon. She has created such color combinations and geometric shapes that not only achieve harmony themselves, but also evoke various associations for the audience. You will not find recognizable shapes or objects here. It is something special, something that can reach the feelings and emotions of a person. The artist manages to describe not only an idea, but also a momentary mood or a fleeting thought, and even to transfer sounds and tactile sensations.

To understand and set your heart on Maria's paintings, you need to get rid of all restrictions and rules you got used to as an adult. Try to remember what was intuitively understandable for you as a child in drawings and paintings. Follow the imagination of the artist, who, having studied Finance, realized that she wants to return to the origins by the age 30. Now she expresses herself in art, transferring to the canvas a movement of thought, a swarm of feelings and emotions, which have their own algorithm and dynamics of the unconscious.

Dark colors prevail in some abstraction paintings. The predominance of black and gray make the colored emotions brighter, so you cannot but marvel at their beauty and expressiveness. The paintings are undoubtedly considered masterpieces. Maria Gomon challenges the mind and emotions of the viewer, since in order to fully appreciate her works, you should not try to understand what she is trying to say, but rather feel your own emotion responding to her art. All aspects of life are interpreted in her paintings: faith, fears, passions, reaction to music and nature, significant for all of us, as well as scientific and mathematical calculations, which are especially close to her.

The young promising artist depicted her life in the most accessible and noble way, in a form similar to a color photocopy, thus accomplishing her artistic freedom.

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