Natasha Mylnikova

Never be afraid - this is Natalia's motto which always makes her go further. 
The leaps of faith she has taken in life influence her art a lot. Her manner of painting can be compared to the mighty steps of a giant which easily moves mountains and pushes rocks, rather than to daring outbursts of novice artists. No fuss, only absolute confidence in the actions and relentless pursuit of perfection, personal growth, professionalism and freedom - these are Natalia Mylnikova's landmarks in life. 
But speaking about the human nature of the artist, we must not forget that Natalia is a woman, a mother. The feminine penetrates her paintings. We know that it is Blessed Virgin Mary who gave birth to Jesus Christ, and, on the one hand, the Lord has primacy over all, but on the other hand, people often ask Mary for intercession. It is very natural to ask mother for protection, so as all the children in the world do. 
This duality is peculiar to Natalia's paintings. 
Her professionalism is appreciated by many collectors around the world, honoring Natalia's works with the best places in collections and exhibitions.

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