Jacob Stepanov

Artist of great talent, he thoughtfully paints his works, which make a spectator dive into the author's world, stop and focus on the details. His paintings resemble flute solo delicately veiling with high and extremely accurate sounds.

Jacob's works are distinguished by intense attention to details. There is no accidental brush stroke, or an element carelessly left on the canvas. A set of thoroughly developed elements that add up to a perfect puzzle gives the overall impression of a masterpiece. The artist bases his works on the keen understanding of the Russian and Italian artistic heritage, having a sense of belonging and feeling deep responsibility for the works created. Jacob does not allow himself to stop halfway. The work continues until the author is fully satisfied with the painting. 

The desire to paint better indwells the artist. This feeling fuels him, makes him look for new expressive emotions in the already familiar artistic metaphors.

Jacob's works in a Renaissance style of the 21st century take pride of place in the collections of true connoisseurs of beauty in New York, Sydney, Moscow, London, Warsaw, and Rome.

Jacob Stepanov was born on 5 December, 1977, in Volgograd, Russia.

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