Dmitry Izmailov

Commitment to traditions which the artist relies on in his work was cultivated in his family and goes along throughout his life.

Thorough knowledge of the Byzantine, Greek and Russian artistic heritage allows the artist to create modern masterpieces, elegantly conducting an orchestra of colors, light, ornaments, fonts, and lines. The artist strictly adheres to the canons accurately reproducing the classics of ancient masters, embodying the historical context, and creating new visual images at the same time.

Great experience and consummate artistry penetrate all his works. The balance of color and rich pictorial language remind us of masterpieces of Pushkin, Byron, Hugo. Intricate rhymes of images resemble winding plants which wreathe around a stone tower, combining wildlife and the dead cold of stone.

The magnetism of the artist's works lies in the unsurpassed ability to apply exquisite classical techniques, the ability to find forgotten and new synonyms to the established visual expressions and forms.
Dmitry Izmailov's masterpieces are in great demand among collectors and connoisseurs of fine arts around the world, from New York and London, to Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi.

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