Alexander Fishman

Versatile talent of the artist is evidenced in his works that are worth being exhibited in the world's best museums and the richest private collections. The works represent a mixture of fine arts, jewelry, and architectural vision of the composition.
Alexander's paintings are exceptionally distinguished by their multilevel architecture.
What puts his paintings on a par with the ones of recognized world masters is a bold choice of colors, deep shades, author's work with gold and skillful processing of reflected light.

The artist emphasizes the significance of the image being created through the rich, exquisite, skillful decoration raised to perfection. Impeccable aesthetics is the main feature of the author's masterpieces. 
The impression a spectator gets from his works may be compared to the one of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, the Taj Mahal, Hagia Sophia In Istanbul, Notre Dame de Paris. One can enjoy them endlessly, discovering new facets of these diamonds again and again.

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