Svetlana Demidova-Koval

Svetlana was born in a family of artists which determined her path in life. From a young age she has been eager to learn herself and teach others.

Being a bright and cheerful person, she smiles at others spreading the good and illuminating the world around. It is interesting that the artist's name is derived from the Russian word for "light".

Inner radiance is what really makes her works recognizable. The radiance comes from joyful and enlightened images. When being alone with her paintings, one feels nothing but delight. Then comes an irresistible desire to take this radiance of love along, keep it in the heart and give to others. A thrill of mind and soul remains in the blood of a spectator as a gentle finish.
Looking at exquisite play of reflections, marvelous interpretation of light, it seems that the reflection is the main tool of the author. Those who see her masterpieces for the first time are often speechless, since they are overwhelmed with emotions rolling in like ocean waves. Power of delight, love and light.
There’s no need to say that the artist's works take pride of place in many collections of true connoisseurs of artistry, showing their flair and sophistication.

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